Is Your Security Consultant Licensed?

We have recently noticed an increasing number of Australian companies offering security consulting services where the company isn’t licensed, staff aren’t licensed or management isn’t licensed. We have come across two instances in the last month where unlicensed companies have been offering services in competition with us. One was even advertising fake licence numbers. It is not only an offence to sell or provide security consulting services without a licence (or registration in the case of Victoria), but it is also an offence to hire an unlicensed company.

Company master licences and individual licences must be held in every state or territory where the services are being offered.

The following links provide an easy way to check a security consultant’s company or individual licence:

Connley Walker Pty Ltd is meticulous in relation to legal compliance and as a result is licensed in all states and territories that require it.

VIC Private Security Business Registration No. 720-062-90S

ACT Security Master Licence Number 17502533

NSW Security Master Licence No. 409109204

QLD Security Firm Licence No. 3255594

WA Security Agent’s Licence No. SA56167

SA Exempt from a licence as Engineers (Security and Investigation Industry Regulations Part 2, 5 (1) (b)).

TAS & NT No licence required

Simon Walker

Simon Walker

Simon established Connley Walker Pty Ltd in 1996. He is a Fellow of Engineers Australia, a Registered Building Practitioner, a Member of the Australian Institute of Project Management, a Registered International Professional Engineer, a Registered APEC Engineer, and an SCEC Endorsed Security Zone Consultant. He is the author of the books Operational risk management: Controlling opportunities and threats, 2001 ISBN 0957907400 and Hospital and Health Care Security in Australia, 2009 ISBN 978-0-9579074-1-6.