connley walker's client portal

Incorporate your staff's mental health and wellbeing into security risk management.

The mental health of employees has become increasingly more important for employers in recent years. With 1 in 6 Australian adults experiencing some form of mental health difficulties, it is likely that each workplace will have staff experiencing some mental health concerns. Connley Walker believes in proving employees with the tools and resources to report their concerns to management anonymously in order for managers to make informed decisions and positive changes around the workplace.

connley walker's client portal

Monitor, identify and improve health and wellbeing concerns in the workplace.

Connley Walker’s Client Portal includes an in-built survey tool used by staff to report their health and wellbeing. These surveys provide an opportunity for management to monitor, identify and improve areas of concern in the workplace. 

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Connley Walker was established in 1996 to provide independent consultancy services in the areas of security, technology and risk management. Connley Walker is an Australian owned and operated business. We are entirely independent which ensures our integrity and focus on providing comprehensive, cost effective and reliable solutions to mitgate security risks.

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