Manage, identify & respond to high risk third-parties

Connley Walker’s Client Portal allows users to efficiently manage and monitor vendors through their relative risks. Mitigate supply-chain vulnerabilities by quickly identifying insufficiencies and applying our recommended treatment strategies. Utilise our vendor risk management feature to ensure your there are no single point of failures within your supply chain.


Input vendors, suppliers & third-parties

  • Quickly add vendors to your account
  • Answer a few questions about the vendor
  • The vendor is then instantly added to your vendor risk management profile

Physcial Security Management

Benefits of Connley Walker's Client Portal

Physcial Security Management

Analytics & insights

Connley Walker was established in 1996 to provide independent consultancy services in the areas of security, technology and risk management. Connley Walker is an Australian owned and operated business. We are entirely independent which ensures our integrity and focus on providing comprehensive, cost effective and reliable solutions to mitgate security risks.

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