The common methodology

A simple qualitative security risk assessment model is commonly used for the assessment of security risks. This is based on variations of the following matrix (Source: HB 167:2006 – Security risk management). 

Although this model is in common use, it has several deficiencies that makes it susceptible to providing differing and incorrect results. For example, what one person calls a moderate consequence, another may call major. Further, the model will provide incorrect results for rare events with catastrophic consequences and for almost certain events with insignificant consequences. For example, this model will predict that the client has a significant risk of a terrorist attack no matter how unlikely it is.

The Australian / New Zealand Standard AS/NZ IEC 31010:2020 (Risk Management – Risk assessment techniques) states that the selection of a risk assessment technique should provide information of the type and form needed by stakeholders. Accordingly, Connley Walker has developed a risk assessment technique that is tailored for security assessments and provides meaningful information.

The Connley Walker proprietary Security Risk Assessment methodology and model is based on an analysis of the following parameters:


Connley Walker's methodology

The Connley Walker security risk model can be illustrated as follows:

Features of this risk model are:

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