All in one physical security management system

Integrate your security risk management processes into a single user intuitive system. Our onboarding process ensures the accuracy of the risks applicable to your business.

Physical Risk Management

  • Identify, monitor, and assess physical risks to
    your organisation.
  • Update and compare multiple sites and their relevant risks to make informed decisions and
    improve security by mitigating physical
  • Report on physical security using real-time

Cyber Security Management

  • Assess the maturity of your information security infrastructure in relation to the Essential Eight cyber security model.
  • Share with stakeholders your organisation’s assessed maturity.
  • Make informed decisions based on identified areas of concern and improve information security with tailored recommendations.
  • Report on cyber security using real-time information.

Business Continuity Planning & Management

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of your organisation’s operational resilience using interactive and user-intuitive dashboards.
  • Identify, monitor and make improvements to your business continuity planning through our tailored recommendations.
  • Report on business continuity using real-time information.

Vendor Risk Management

  • Manage all of your vendors and suppliers while
    gaining an insight into the security risks
    associated with each.
  • Mitigate supply-chain vulnerabilities by quickly
    identifying insufficiencies and applying our
    recommended treatment strategies.
  • Utilise our vendor risk management feature to
    ensure there are no single points of
    failures within your supply chain.

PSPF Compliance

  • Assess your organisation’s compliance with the PSPF using interactive and user-intuitive dashboards.
  • Gain real-time insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your compliance.
  • Report on compliance using real-time information.

Staff Security Training

  • Implement regular training for staff
  • Manage, monitor and review staff training results
  • Assign training modules to staff members
  • Quickly identify gaps in knowledge or competencies
  • Generate reports on staff training maturity levels
  • Display staff training maturity visually
  • Share reports to stakeholders

Incident Reporting & Management

  • A centralised database for your recorded incidents
  • User intuitive incident report form
  • Detailed reporting
  • Insights into patterns within the workplace
  • Share and export incidents to Excel, CSV, pdf and more

Templates & Resources

  • Save time and money on drafting documents
  • Access to 100+ templates, resources and learning material
  • Access to qualified Security Consultants to help review and draft documents.
  • Expansive library
  • Updated regularly

Document Reviews & Consulting

  • Access to templates to write your documents
  • Quality reviews conducted by qualified security consultants
  • Identify potential issues within existing or new documents
  • Seek advice from our expert security consultants
  • Minimise risks within procedures, policies or agreements.

Staff Surveys

  • Monitor staff safety perception levels in the workplace
  • Quickly identify areas of concern in safety and security
  • Monitor staff satisfaction levels

Asset Registry & Management

  • Large database to store registered assets
  • Monitor the condition of company assets
  • Export asset registry to Excel, CSV, pdf and more
  • Edit, add and remove assets from your database

Security Upgrade Cost Calculator

  • Accurate cost estimations
  • Share estimations with stakeholders via email or pdf
  • Insights into unit prices
  • Calculations include installation and cabling


Generate reports

It can be exhausting drafting security reports for stakeholders, board members or general meetings. Connley Walker’s Client Portal eliminates this administrative task and provides users with instant report generation. Generate security reports using real-time data and visually appealing dashboards.

Connley Walker was established in 1996 to provide independent consultancy services in the areas of security, technology and risk management. Connley Walker is an Australian owned and operated business. We are entirely independent which ensures our integrity and focus on providing comprehensive, cost effective and reliable solutions to mitgate security risks.

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