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Risk management for residential and commercial buildings

Residential and commercial buildings are often locations for sexual assault, stalking, mail theft, intrusion, loitering and many more undesired activities. These buildings often demand the most attention from building managers to prevent serious security incidents from occurring. This often results in increased costs due to security equipment upgrades, management and reviews of incidents and legal repercussions.
Connley Walker’s Client Portal provides a cost-effective solution for managing, identifying, monitoring and responding to security risks in residential and commercial environments.

connley walker's client portal

Benefits of Connley Walker's Client Portal

When you engage Connley Walker you will be tapping into the vast experience we have gained from assignments with the following clients.

Connley Walker was established in 1996 to provide independent consultancy services in the areas of security, technology and risk management. Connley Walker is an Australian owned and operated business. We are entirely independent which ensures our integrity and focus on providing comprehensive, cost effective and reliable solutions to mitgate security risks.

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